Lighting is one of the most important elements that can finish a home and really set the right mood.  Whether a party, fine dining or general day to day activities, in this current day there are many lighting solutions available.

LED downlights are energy efficientLED Lighting

Varying from entry level to a designer feature light, LED lighting has come very far and works well in a variety of scenarios.  Replacing old halogen downlights to LED can not only be cost effective in the long term but can improve the lighting in any room.  And if you have concerns they might be too bright or ‘full on’, a dimmer can be installed to bring the mood back into any room.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can work great in all aspects.  Placing sensors around your house for security purposes or even general lighting is always a good idea.  You can position a sensor at the front door to save the hassle of coming home in the dark. Sometimes you don't plan to be out late, but with a sensor light there's no need to worry about coming home to a dark driveway or house. Also, a sensor also helps reduce electricity costs, as there is no need to leave a light on all day waiting for you to return home.

Garden Lighting

There’s nothing better than entertaining in your outdoor area and being able to turn on a selection of garden lights.  Having external mood lighting can create an incredible vibe without being overwhelmed by the bright, main lighting.  Small courtyards or large gardens can be improved by strategic positioning of spike lights, overhead lights or even pathway bollardsContact MW Electrical to bring your garden to life!

Enhance your outdoor space with garden lighting

Pendant Lighting

Feature pendants look amazing over an island bench, dining table or even hanging over a stairwell.  Installing these lights can give your house real character.  Even if its as simple as wanting to replace an old 1960s light fitting, ask today!

Pendant lights can be effective over an island bench

Ceiling and Exhaust fans

As the weather heats up or cools down, ceiling fans can work wonders.  Whilst circulating air and keeping you cool during the summer months, they can also be handy to push the warm air around in winter helping reduce costly heating bills.

Ceiling fans help reduce costly heating and cooling bills


Ever needed that extra power point in a room to save running a lead 5-10 meters around the house or behind the bed?  Do you have double adaptors coming off powerboards piled up behind the TV? These can be a hazard, and can easily be solved by installing additional power points. This can easily be done by contacting MW Electrical.  We can add or even replace old faulty power points in or outside your house.  Even in a work shed where more power points will make your life easier.

MW Electrical can also help with new power for old gas appliances.  Or perhaps you're upgrading to a new appliance with greater energy demands, such as an induction cooktop. Replacing aging and faulty appliances, or upgrading your power supply for new appliances is also an area we cover.

Do you find you have a fault throughout the house and power is cutting out? Has something stopped working or needs replacing?  Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can work through your problem so your house is safe again.


The options for what you can install in your house are almost unlimited when it comes to TV and Data.  You might want that extra phone point in the bedroom or the TV to be relocated to another corner of the room.  MW Electrical can add and relocate these services for you.  We could even shift the modem to a cupboard so it’s not so conspicuous in a main living area!

MW Electrical can provide the dream of mounting your TV to the wall and hiding all the wires to obtain that sleek modern design.  Regardless of being in an outdoor entertaining area or above your fireplace, with our broad range of experience we can run through ideas and suggestions to give you the best result.

MW Electrical can install home network and data (cat 5 or 6) cabling throughout your home to give you top speeds when connected to the internet or just general accessibility to a network hub.  Interlinking all of your devices with a cabled home network is an efficient way to connect when things like your WIFI let you down.

Data cabling can help give you top speeds when connected to the internet


Switchboards are a common item that people are always concerned about with safety. Have you always been struggling with an old fuse box instead of safety switches?  Even concerned when replacing a rewireable fuse that you may get an electrical shock instead of simply flicking a switch?  MW Electrical can happily upgrade your switchboard to make sure everything is up to the current standards and your house is properly protected.

Safety switches are very important in today's electrical world.  They protect you from harm if there is a fault in an appliance of wiring throughout the house. Once this is detected by the safety switch, power will be cut to the circuit.  A simple use of the ‘push to test’ button every few months can ensure your safety switches are still functioning as they should. It not only protects you and your family in certain circumstances but gives you the comfort that if there is an electrical fault or problem, you will be safe.


Renovations can be very demanding, and many tricky decisions need to be made during the process.  MW Electrical thrives in this area with precision, efficiency, a helpful approach and a tidy work manner.  We do small bathroom/kitchen renovations to large multi-storey extensions.  We’re always there to help with tough decisions or any unknown situations, giving you that peace of mind.  Having several years’ experience with new builds and renovations, we understand how things operate.

Technology has come extremely far over time, and continues to evolve, with smart wiring and vast styles of electrical work in modern houses. Contact us today to learn more and see how we can help or even improve what you have planned to make your home into the ideal modern dwelling.

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